The program attending to the expo PetroTrans 2018


The range of seminars available at expo PetroTrans has based on current topics in the industry. Visitors could find out about and discuss the latest news, a wide range of questions and practical topics free of charge with expert practitioners and renowned specialists. (…)

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Innovation Award

The trade fair dedicates an Award to the fair’s main topic “Product Innovations for the industry”. Outstanding new products and services run for the best product innovation of the year. The announcement of the winners and the Innovation Awards Show form the solemn final act of the trade fair on the last trade fair day. (…)

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Open Forum

In the Open Forum in halls 1+2, the expo PetroTrans is offering a new platform for innovations and discussions for the first time 2018. Established exhibitors as well as newcomers to the industry has presented their product news in short live sessions, and (…)

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Guided Tours

Guided tours with different thematic focusses has led directly to the relevant exhibitors and exhibits. Depending on specific interests, two guided tours of the trade fair were offered to visitors once a day free of charge after prior registration: the innovation tour to providers of new technological developments and the software tour (…)

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