expo PetroTrans Innovation Award

The Innovation Award to recognize exhibitors for product novelties and new developments is traditionally announced on the third day of expo PetroTrans. The jury is made up of the professional audience and independent industry experts, with both segments holding 50 percent of the vote. There will again be three winners this year and they have a special treat to look forward to.

The exhibitors who applied for the coveted prize can be found here.

As in the previous awards ceremony, the Innovation Award itself will feature an innovative yet traditional design, in analogy to the industry itself. Strike while the iron is hot, advises a proverbial expression, which also applies to new ideas in a metaphorical sense. What could be more fitting than to replace the previous trophies in the form of a glass oil drop with unique, artfully forged pieces? The idea was suggested by the exhibitors and a tradeshow attendee is a master of the craft. Albrecht Rühle, a fuel dealer in the Swabian town of Weinstadt-Endersbach, discovered his passion for the art of forging when he visited a Medieval knights’ encampment.

He not only forged the Innovation Award, but also came up with completely new shapes, materials, and designs. The iron-forged structure will of course continue the drop-like appearance of its glass predecessor, but each of the three unique pieces will feature a quartz sphere in the center.

Rühle will personally hand out the Innovation Award to the winners on Saturday, September 22nd, at 3.00 pm.