Elaflex will be presenting products for road tankers in hall 2, booth number D03

Lightweight Gravity Discharge Road Tanker Hoses ‘LG’ are now also available in size 2″ for application as a lightweight and very flexible vapour recovery (vapour balance) hose.

The ‘Camlock’ product range to EN 14420-7 from our own production now also include all sizes and types made of brass for petroleum based products. Additionally available: female couplers EASYLOC ® with automatic lever lock made of stainless steel in sizes DN 19 – 50.

‘DDC’ Dry Disconnect Couplings in DN 65 can also be supplied with space-saving handles, hence suitable for tank trailer hose connections.

In European countries, composite hoses are being used more and more with Electronic Cross-Over Prevention Systems (COP). For our range of ‘FWScomposite hoses we provide the unique COPSAFE system‘ which guarantees the functional and electrostatic safety for this application.

The opinion of our customers matters. At our booth two development studies will be displayed:

1) A nozzle quick-change system involving a compact Dry Disconnect Coupling. It will enable a fast Switch between automatic nozzles ( e. g. ZVA 25 ) and bulk delivery nozzles ( ZV 400 / 500, ZH 50 ).

2) The prototype of a modern, ergonomical and lightweight bulk delivery nozzle for heating oil.

Lightweight discharge hose ‘LG’ in 2″

DDC-M 65 with space-saving handles

‘Camlock’ cam locking couplings of brass

Elaflex is a leading specialist for engineered refuelling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids. H2-D03