Thrills guaranteed

On the test track in front of the trade fairgrounds in Kassel, truck drivers test their vehicles’ limits.

Have you ever parked a vehicle with a power slide, taken a curve at a tilt, or come to a full stop from a speed of 100 km/h? What’s more, have you done any of this with a tanker vehicle or a fully loaded truck? If the mere thought is giving you an adrenaline rush, you were in for an exciting adventure–at the last year’s expo PetroTrans, the trainers of green duck GmbH used the outside area of the Kassel fairgrounds as a test track for breathtaking stunts, and demonstrated what high horsepower vehicles can do in extreme situations. That takes strong nerves, including for visitors, who can even witness the maneuvers as passengers. The pros from the rally and trucking scene are as skilled and nimble as the gigantic trucks they steer over the test track.

As trainers for professional truck drivers and driver safety, they are “tested for the unexpected” and can turn around even borderline situations with nerves of steel and high responsiveness. Many in the audience catched their breath: Won’t the colossal truck tip over at such a tilt?

The breakneck maneuvers of the truck driving experts have proven once again: It pays to understand the physical interactions of driving, to correctly employ vehicle technology and the existing assistance systems, to test limits, and to master critical traffic situations.

The safety of dangerous goods transports by road and rail was also the topic of a presentation given by green duck GmbH. As part of the accompanying expo PetroTrans tradeshow program, executive manager Thorsten Pütz talked about essential changes in the ADR/RID 2017, which are to take effect in January. Pütz also explained the impact of these changes on dangerous goods management in companies.