The Service Guide contains all relevant exhibitor information, order form for technique, additional services, advertising material and booth equipment. In the Service Guide you will find, among other things, information regarding:

■ Contact persons ■ Logistics ■ Technical Guidelines ■ Mandatory entry in the trade fair catalogue
■ Guidelines for booth setup ■ Advertising material for exhibitors ■ Order forms for electrical and water installation ■ Guidelines for waste treatment



The trade fair offers numerous possibilities to present your company at its best. Next to placing banners and adverts on the official trade fair website and in the trade fair catalogue, advertising material for visitor promotion and different sponsoring possibilities are available. Furthermore, exhibitors can use the expo PetroTrans logo in their e-mail signature and adverts.

As an exhibitor you will also benefit from the package of professional publicity materials which will help you to approach potential customers and trade fair visitors. Please use order form 7 from the Service Guide for your order.

The package contains:

  • Ticket vouchers
  • Flyer
  • Sticker
  • Poster


Use the expo PetroTrans logo to communicate your trade fair presence:

  • Integration and linking on you company website
  • Integration in your e-mail signature
  • Integration in advertisements

Important Warning Concerning EXPO GUIDE S.C.

Over the past few weeks, many of our exhibitors have again received proposals from a company called EXPO GUIDE S.C. and based in Mexico. These proposals refer to “Data Checks / The End of the Validity Period” and offer updated entries in the “Exhibitor Directory for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions” that are available at a cost under certain conditions. To our knowledge, exhibitors have been sent pre-formulated order forms that already contain details such as the name and dates of our trade fair and the exhibitors’ contact details. The small print on these order forms indicates that by signing them, the exhibitor will conclude a contract for three years that will entail annual costs of over €1181.

With this warning, we expressly declare that we have no contractual connections or relationship whatsoever with EXPO GUIDE S.C.

We would like to remind our exhibitors that we, AVR GmbH, produce the official catalogues / trade fair guides by ourselves and contact our exhibitors directly.

If you ever have concerns regarding the supplier of a proposal or offer that you have received, please feel free to contact us.